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Correct Use and Cleaning of Makeup Sponge

This will be an article on the use and cleanup of beauty eggs. With more and more products such as cosmetic eggs in the store, many people gradually asked about the cleaning methods and usage methods of cosmetic eggs. So let's take a look! Put on makeup· Whether to use dry or wet makeup eggs depends on the type of makeup. Make-up such as cream, liquid, spray can be used with wet makeup eggs, which is convenient to take up and has good adhesion; and dry powder makeup such as loose powder should use dry makeup eggs, otherwise yours Cosmetics may get moldy~ After dampening and squeezing the beauty egg, remember to wrap it in paper and pinch it a...

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NOXBEAUTY 2020 Makeup Brush of the Year

The most popular makeup brushes for Blogger in 2020 Advantages: The appearance of the brush is very harmonious with the appearance of the packaging barrel, which is like a work of art on the table.The bristles are soft and the brush is relatively large, which can reduce the number of times the brush touches the skin, thereby causing less damage to the skin.Disadvantages: not easy to carry   Best Sales Award 2020 Advantages: easy to carry, low price, high cost performance.Disadvantages: The bristles are elastic and not soft enough.   Best Popularity Award Advantages: get a full set of brushes at the most favorable price, brushes with high practical value.Disadvantages: The utility value of the beauty brush package is low,...

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The Eye Makeup Brush Can Also Be Used Like This! From NOXBEAUTY

Most makeup brush sets put all kinds of brushes in one set in order to make it more convenient for customers to use, which will save customers the time of choosing brushes by themselves. But not everyone needs all types of brushes. Some people focus on their eyes, and some people focus on whether the base makeup is natural or not. This shows that other brushes in the suit are redundant for this type of customer. So this time, in order to satisfy customers who focus on eye makeup, this set of brushes has added a number of eye brushes, removed the loose powder brush, foundation brush, and contouring brush, and focused on the eyes.   This makeup brush set...

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