Correct Use and Cleaning of Makeup Sponge

This will be an article on the use and cleanup of beauty eggs. With more and more products such as cosmetic eggs in the store, many people gradually asked about the cleaning methods and usage methods of cosmetic eggs. So let's take a look!

  • Put on makeup·

Whether to use dry or wet makeup eggs depends on the type of makeup. Make-up such as cream, liquid, spray can be used with wet makeup eggs, which is convenient to take up and has good adhesion; and dry powder makeup such as loose powder should use dry makeup eggs, otherwise yours Cosmetics may get moldy~

After dampening and squeezing the beauty egg, remember to wrap it in paper and pinch it a few times, so that the wet and not too watery beauty egg will enhance the feeling of use and makeup effect.


I don’t recommend the microwave heating cleaning method that is very popular on the Internet. There are food bacteria in the microwave. The bacteria that escaped from the beauty egg after heating will remix with them, and the egg itself may not be able to withstand it. Deformation and deterioration due to high temperature. So this method is really not very reliable.

In fact, putting it in a bag and rubbing the beauty egg with your hands is the easiest and cleanest cleaning method. After changing the water and rubbing repeatedly, take it out and place it in a relatively dry and ventilated place to dry naturally. Take a bath for your eggs once a week, don’t be lazy~



If you don’t have professional makeup eggs and puff cleaners, you can use body wash instead.

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