The Eye Makeup Brush Can Also Be Used Like This! From NOXBEAUTY

Most makeup brush sets put all kinds of brushes in one set in order to make it more convenient for customers to use, which will save customers the time of choosing brushes by themselves. But not everyone needs all types of brushes. Some people focus on their eyes, and some people focus on whether the base makeup is natural or not. This shows that other brushes in the suit are redundant for this type of customer. So this time, in order to satisfy customers who focus on eye makeup, this set of brushes has added a number of eye brushes, removed the loose powder brush, foundation brush, and contouring brush, and focused on the eyes.


This makeup brush set contains seven eye brushes, two nose brushes, two highlight brushes and one concealer brush. It is the most complete set of eye makeup brushes in all sets.

In fact, after applying makeup for a long time, you will know that each makeup brush does not have a specific label. How to use makeup brushes is completely up to your own preferences, because everyone has different makeup habits, and you can use eye smudge brushes as Use nose shadow brush. Someone will ask: "Why do you need to tell the tutorial?" The tutorial is just to guide those makeup beginners to understand the characteristics of each brush more quickly, and where each makeup brush can be used to make the makeup effect more perfect.


1. The eye smudge brush can be used as any local smudge brush.
2. The concealer brush can be used as a partial foundation brush. It can also be used as an eye shadow brush for liquid eye shadows.
3. The nose shadow brush can also be used as a large eye shadow brush.
4. The blush brush can be used as a small loose powder brush.
5. If there is no fan-shaped highlight brush in the suit, you can use your hand to press the blush brush into a fan shape.

If we already own a lot of eye makeup brushes, but only lack one facial makeup brush, and don’t want to buy a complete makeup brush for this one brush, what should we do?

In order to meet the needs of such customers, we have launched one that can be single only Makeup brushes for sale!


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