NOXBEAUTY 2020 Makeup Brush of the Year

The most popular makeup brushes for Blogger in 2020

Advantages: The appearance of the brush is very harmonious with the appearance of the packaging barrel, which is like a work of art on the table.
The bristles are soft and the brush is relatively large, which can reduce the number of times the brush touches the skin, thereby causing less damage to the skin.
Disadvantages: not easy to carry


Best Sales Award 2020

Advantages: easy to carry, low price, high cost performance.
The bristles are elastic and not soft enough.


Best Popularity Award

Advantages: get a full set of brushes at the most favorable price, brushes with high practical value.
Disadvantages: The utility value of the beauty brush package is low, and it is troublesome to clean the brush.


The next few brushes are all real evaluation feedback, which will help you when choosing a brush.


The overall feeling is very comfortable and the bristles are very soft. It is recommended for users who pay attention to makeup ritual and experience. The packaging can be used as makeup brush storage bucket. 4 eye makeup brushes and 1 concealer. No foundation brush. Suitable for light makeup users such as wedding makeup but not suitable for Europe and America Makeup .
.Easy to carry, advanced brush pack, suitable for users who often wear European and American makeup, suitable for makeup artists, excellent powder grip and wear resistance, suitable for people who often apply makeup to others, 5 facial brushes, 4 eye makeup brushes, 2 eyebrow brushes, one concealer, and medium bristles.

Suitable for European and American makeup, strong ability to grasp powder. There is a lip brush in this set. Not suitable for makeup artists. Suitable for users who like European and American makeup or want to try European and American makeup. Large loose powder brush and many facial makeup brushes. The disadvantage is that the color of the bristles can easily mislead users and can’t see the amount.
The overall feeling of use is slippery. Three facial brushes and five partial brushes. Suitable for travel suits. Suitable for gifts. Not high practical value. Suitable for novice makeup users. The advantage is that you can freely match the color of the brush pack and brush when you buy. Of course, the bristles are the same.
It is an excellent set as a gift. It has strong powder holding power and many makeup brushes. Compared with the other set of the same series, the makeup brush is more complete. The only drawback is that the color of the brush bristles does not show the amount of powder.

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