NOXBEAUTY Brand Story - Only make the best makeup brushes

NOXBEAUTY - Only provide the best makeup brushes


The power of beauty cannot be underestimated nowadays. So our demands for beauty and makeup keep getting stronger, but it’s not easy to find an excellent makeup brush set.


Superb makeup brushes cost over a hundred dollars, while cheap brushes can cause potential skin allergy. You would be annoyed by the bad materials and not buy them.


Can someone help me select the best affordable and the most professional-grade makeup brushes from tons of them and just tell me what to buy?


Taking action is better than waiting! Thus, we determined to purchase hundreds of brush sets for comparison and picked the best one. After a rigorous selection process, we finally found the perfect brush with soft hair, super capacity to grasp powder, and awesome textures.


We made an unremitting effort to negotiate with the source supplier and directly partnered with them to reduce the multiple supply chains, so we could decrease the expenses without sacrificing qualities. The saved money can be used to produce more higher standard brushes!


After continuous improvement, the superior quality brush was born. We named it NOXBEAUTY Xiaoye makeup brush set. It’s a gift to give myself and also share with you!

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