Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit
Pink Makeup Brush Kit

7 Pcs Pink Makeup Brushes Kit with Box

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[Product Information]
Brush name: 7 pcs makeup brush kit
Bristles material: High-quality synthetic fiber (Bionic snow fox fur)
Brush handle material: Thickened aluminum tubes + Wood paint(Birch handle)
Suitable for skin type: Any skin type
Contents: Set of 7 makeup brushes X1, makeup brush container X1
Origin: China

[Product Details]
Powder brush: The bristles are rich and fluffy, soft to the touch, skin-friendly, conforming to the skin, and can quickly set makeup; Suitable for powder.
Blush brush: Small brush head, precise partial coloring, control the range of blush, one brush for multiple purposes, can smudge blush, highlights and shadows.
Nose shadow brush: Fits the nose shape, suitable for blending nose shadows, the bristles are dense and elastic; Strong powder grip, easy to smudge.
Flame smudge brush: Flame-shaped brush head, natural blending details, finely blending blush, highlights, eye shadow and other details.
Large eye shadow brush: The brush shape is large, suitable for basic eye shadow coloring.
Small eyeshadow brush: The bristles are tight and easy to coloring, suitable for smudging dark eyeshadows.
Eyes smudge brush: The bristles are round and fluffy, brighten and deepen, used for smudging the details of the inner and outer eye.

[How to clean after use]
1. Take a small amount of detergent and then put it on the brush head to rinse the brush head .
2. Gently wash the bristles until there is no residue.
3. Rinse the brush head with clean water and avoid wetting the brush handle.
4. Wrap it in paper towels to absorb the moisture on the bristles.
5. Put the bristles in a storage net and hang them on the drying rack, and let the bristles face down and air dry naturally.

About smell: All NOXBEAUTY's make-up brushes are newly produced. After production, it is directly and densely packed into the sealed express box. It is recommended to ventilate it for 2-3 days after receiving the product.

Founded in 2015, NOXBEAUTY is committed to catering to a global fashion trend, with a professional supply-chain team globally and only make high-quality, well-designed and easy-to-use products. Many celebrities are our brand ambassador.

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